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For over years, painters and writers have walked the cobblestone streets through the heart of Amsterdam, up to the doors and famous parties of the “Breitner House”, former residence of well-known artists throughout Dutch History. Find your home in a carefully designed and romantic Amsterdam fin de siècle monument. A place where artists met, surrounded by their works.


Initially constructed in 1882, the luxurious Breitner House has been a home to many cultural bohemians since the beginning of the 19th century. Ever since, the Breitner House has been closely connected to art and literature, its location and architecture providing inspiration to well-known artists throughout Dutch history. Famous impressionists such as also (we assume, but cannot prove it) George Breitner and Isaac Israels spent their days painting in its spacious rooms, enjoying the architecture that offered them fantastic light from all angles. They, amongst many others, made the Breitner House a centre of artistry, leading many people to walk the cobble stoned streets through the heart of Amsterdam up to its doors and famous parties.

Note: Since the house was built in 1870, the thick walls and high ceilings did not need any additional airconditioning (Which did not even exist at that time)



The owners of the Breitner House, actress Camilla Braaksma and director Guido Bouvy, decided to open their doors and share the wonderful experience the house has to offer. Creating an elegant and refined boutique hotel in the centre of Amsterdam, they transformed part of their house into two beautiful suites, reflecting the romantic atmosphere of the historical city. Here, guests enjoy the lavish treatment the owners have to offer, including a luxurious champagne breakfast in the classic diningroom with a view on the park that has inspired so many artists throughout time. A stay at the Breitner House is the unique opportunity to experience the splendour of Amsterdam whilst enjoying the treatment of one of its best hotels.

Note: Respecting the character of the house, we only put some “hidden” modern facilities (internet/WiFi) but did not dare to introduce airconditioning, nor an elevator!

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Breitner House